April 4, 2023

Little Rock Arkansas

The Outreach Project is launching a Mobile Outreach Unit to aid tornado victims

and organizations in Arkansas. Join us in partnership as we rebuild “After the

Storm” for those in need that are less fortunate, underinsured, hungry and

displaced. Our efforts will continue until we have rebuilt our communities and

touched the ones that need it most with food, technical assistance, and essential items.

We will pick up donations from donors and can provide a 501c(3) donation

receipt.  To be a part of this initiative please contact our area director at

The Outreach Project is the community outreach arm of The Sustainability Project Inc. We conduct evidence based community enrichment programs that subsidize underserved and financially insecure households with valuable products, tools and information for advancement and stability. Our pop up outreach events are held in the heart of your communities at different locations. 

The Outreach Project helps stabilize single parent and low income households with a balance of outreach, ministry, education and exposure to opportunity. African American households are particularly vulnerable in underserved communities, and in turn, suffer generational disadvantages.  We aim to change this dynamic with evidence based programs, studies, events,  personal development, mental health awareness and support, and economic growth strategies that will start to transform the community.

We pour into "the least of these" with compassion and a goal of renewal. 

Communities should be as self sufficient as possible. Standing on our values, we will continue to minister and uplift the broken, transitioning, and the needy. 

Coming Spring 2023 - Food Security initiative G3. Go Grub Give Back

The Outreach Project is focusing our outreach efforts of tackling food insecurity by partnering with local restaurants, farms and eateries within a three-mile radius of USDA low income and low access areas. 

The Go-Grub-Giveback campaign address food insecurity by offering incentives to families that participate and partake in healthy meal options and dining while supporting and exposing others to outreach services, subsequently addressing economical and or socio-economic issues in the community.

Our Christmas Give away was a hit. 

The ToyStravaganza 2022!

The Outreach Project launches its ToyStravaganza campaign to help needy families with toys, household items, information about advancement opportunities and positive parenting practices that help propel income insecure families toward self sufficiency. 

More than 2000 toys were distributed this year! Please consider donating so that we may serve more families in need. This helps to reduce crime and encourages families in all communities we serve.

Contact us  at

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